Dues Collection Policy

Revised November 24, 2015

Owners of each lot in Regency Hills Subdivisions No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 are required to pay annual Association dues in accordance with Article III, Section 6 of their deed restrictions (available at www.regencyhills.com). Dues are used for common area maintenance, snow removal, and administration.

Annual dues invoices will be mailed to all homeowners each December. Payment will be accepted by January 31 without penalty.

Homeowners who do not receive an invoice by January 1 or whose checks fail to clear the bank within 2 weeks after mailing are encouraged to contact the Association to resolve the situation.

If extenuating conditions preclude on-time payment in full, the homeowner is responsible for contacting the Association to discuss payment options.

Payments not received by January 31 (based on postmark) incur a $25 late payment fee. In mid-February, a second notice statement will be mailed to homeowners with unpaid balances. Partial payments are applied to the late fee first, leaving an unpaid balance on the assessment.

If payment is not received by the due date on the second invoice, the Association will send a final notice by certified mail. If there is no response to this notice, the Board will either refer delinquent accounts to a collection agency or take legal action, to include placing a lien on the property.