The Shelby Township Police Department, in order to provide transparent timely and accurate crime statistical information to our residents and other individuals, has joined the Crimedar community.

Crimedar is an online crime mapping website that is available 24/7 for anyone to look up police calls and crimes that have taken place in Shelby Township. Crimedar users will be able to access information on specific neighborhoods or streets, and they will be able to see that data displayed on a Township map and in a data sheet format. Additionally, users can also use the filter feature to sort and plot the map to search for a specific type of crime that has occurred during a specific time frame. For example, users could search for “Larceny from Automobile” reports from June through July, 2012, and the system would compile a report of this information.

The website for Crimedar is: Once users navigate to the website, they will see a map and a side panel listing all of the police agencies currently using Crimedar’s crime mapping services. Users can scroll down and click on the “Shelby Township Police Department” link or zoom in on the map section of “Shelby Township” where users can see two (2) weeks worth of police activity data plotted on the Township map and in the data log. The map and data log will be updated every Monday and Friday.